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Isabelle Lightwood’s Necklace Replica Review

Angelic Power Necklace

Everyone who follows The Mortal Instruments knows that Isabelle Lightwood’s necklace is one of the most important accessories of the series. Every fan who collects jewelry inspired by this series must have this fundamental piece in their collection.

The necklace that Isabelle wears is a sensor that has been passed down from hand to hand in her family for generations. This necklace is made with magnificent rubies, and it pulses and shines in the presence of demons to warn Isabelle of incoming danger.

Lureme’s High-Quality Replica

Isabelle Lightwood's Necklace Replica

This necklace is based on the version presented in the film. The Lureme company has created a product with high-quality standards. They have rigorous control processes, where each item is reviewed by quality control experts. Lureme also uses a manufacturing process that is friendly to the environment when it comes to materials and finishing techniques.

With a luxury appearance, this necklace is appropriate for any fan obsessed with the series, whether she has been following it since its beginning, or is discovering it now and become hooked. It also is simply a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry in and of itself. It likely would go well with an angelic power rune bracelet as well if you’re really looking to fit the part!

Besides being perfect for Halloween or at a convention with a Shadowhunters costume, it can be worn whenever you want to give an elegant and gothic look to your outfit. You should be prepared to receive all the attention and compliments that this beautiful accessory naturally generates. As fitting for a piece of such fictional significance, it’s a bold and striking necklace that will certainly make you stand out.

The Few Downsides

While it’s certainly a great piece, some small differences can be found with respect to the necklace of the series. The main thing is that the chain is not as long as Isabelle’s. There are always disagreements between fans of the books and the movie or TV series. Because this necklace is based on the one that Isabelle wore in the film, there are discrepancies with certain aspects of the necklace. In general, however, the necklace satisfies most of the fans.

Another problem more connected to the real world has to do with the discomfort that the necklace can cause at certain times when it rubs against the skin. The thinness of the metal may be another thing that some people may not like.

Flexible Bendable Gold Snake Necklace Review

Gold Snake Necklace

When we prepare an outfit, a common rule is to choose something to be the star garment, the one that stands out, that catches the attention of all. Then we’ll select everything else with the purpose of highlighting our star garment to the fullest.

Any type of clothing can become a statement piece: a blouse, pants, shoes…everything depends on the occasion and the person. However, some of the most common statement pieces aren’t garments at all but jewelry, such as rings, earrings, or necklaces. Necklaces very commonly used as statement pieces. They easily have the greatest effect due to their location on the body.

A Stylish Gold Snake Necklace

Flexible Bendable Gold Snake Necklace

One great option for a statement necklace is a Flexible Bendable Snake Necklace. This beautiful necklace is delicately designed, with details that create a snake which perches around your neck with a golden color, giving you an air of mystery and elegance.

This product is made of a resistant metal alloy, and it has a magnet in the head of the snake. It’s a versatile piece that, according to the manufacturer, can also be worn as a bracelet or a belt. Undoubtedly, this makes it an ideal accessory for many different outfits and costumes, and you can be sure you’ll get plenty of compliments.

The Reality

While the design is charming and really immediately becomes the topic of conversation, the quality of the product is not entirely satisfactory. To begin with, it simply does not work as anything other than a necklace. Any attempt to use it as a belt or even a bracelet will end in failure. If you try to wear it as a belt, it’ll come loose and fall off as soon as you move. As a bracelet, it’s a failure, as any movement makes it slip along your arm. This is due to the very low strength of the magnet in the head of the snake that is not capable of supporting the weight of the accessory.

If you want to wear this item like a necklace, which is appealing because it is quite beautiful, it can serve you well. But give up the idea of using it as something other than a necklace, and don’t fall under the impression that it will last forever. While it will not break instantly, it’s an inexpensive piece that won’t hold up forever. Either way, it’ll be a striking piece while it lasts!

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Angelic Power Rune Necklace Inspired by The Mortal Instruments City of Bones

Angelic Power Necklace

Necklaces are the perfect accessory for many occasions. A well-selected necklace can be the most striking element of your outfit or just a detail that adds a delicate touch to an outfit, making it subtly sparkle. There are many types of necklaces, from bold to delicate, the choice depends on the style of each woman. There are some pieces that are classic and dependable, a solid choice for any woman, and this piece fits in that category.

The Angelic Power Rune Necklace

Angelic Power Rune Necklace

This necklace is inspired by The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. In the series, the angelic power rune is used to impregnate weapons with angelic magic, which prevents demons from regenerating. Shadowhunters use these runes on their weapons to make them more effective against demons.  But enough about fiction: let’s talk about fashion. This beautiful necklace is made of an alloy that makes it sparkly and shiny.

The Angelic Power Rune Necklace is a simple accessory that goes with almost every outfit. It may not always be the star of your look, but it will always look fantastic on your chest or on your blouse as a delicate detail. This magical piece can be an everyday accessory, helping you express your personality in any outfit. Just remember to be careful with its sharp tip.

Now, it’s not all about the looks. When you buy something, you want to make sure it’s worth it. Although it’s true that the price is quite accessible, and this price range sometimes means less quality, in the case of this necklace the quality is guaranteed. The story behind this necklace, angelic power, and protection, makes it a symbol that can help its wearers feel empowered. This beautiful necklace is suitable for a wide range of women of many ages. Anyone who is inspired by The Mortal Instruments series will appreciate this piece, and those who don’t know the books or show will still find it delicate and beautiful. We consider this necklace a beautiful versatile accessory.

Grab Your Own Angelic Power Rune Necklace

Given the wide spectrum of events and dresses it’s suitable for, as well as its affordable price, it’s a great buy. This angelic power rune necklace would be a perfect birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s gift for any young woman, whether they’re fans of The Mortal Instruments or just fans of beautiful jewelry.


Isabelle Lightwood’s Electrum Whipserpent Silver Snake Bracelet Review

Silver Snake Bracelet

Every true fan of the series The Mortal Instruments wants to collect the weapons that the Shadowhunters use. While several Shadowhunter weapon replicas have been released, the Whipserpent snake bracelet may be the best of all.

Who is Isabelle Lightwood?

Isabelle Lightwood uses a whip made of golden electrum wire as her main weapon. It is a tool traditionally used on other creatures to provoke fear or pain. It’s also used to wrap around something and exert pressure, drag it, or yank it away.

Isabelle can disguise her weapon with a glamour. This makes it appear in the mundane world as a long bracelet, gold and silver rolled around Isabelle’s arm when it is in disuse.

Now, in real life, the bracelet you can buy is made of high-quality metal, which makes it heavy. One of the most surprising aspects of it is that it remains malleable despite its weight. This is a fully moldable bracelet that adapts to any shape that the wearer wants to give it. Although at first glance it’s a piece of jewelry, fans know that it’s designed to emulate Isabelle’s whip, and for this reason, the bracelet also acts as a whip: be careful or you can hurt yourself.

When you’re wearing this bracelet, it’ll become the main feature of your outfit attracting glances and all kinds of comments. So, when you use it, be ready to become the center of attention and feel like a true shadow hunter. Add on a fancy pendant as well if you really want to get people talking!

The Perfect Accessory for Every True Fan

Isabelle Lightwood's Electrum Whipserpent Silver Snake Bracelet

This product is made with high-quality materials, and so you’ll be getting a good product. The design itself is also well-thought out. It functions well and is beautiful. The head of the snake has lovely detailing, although there is a slight risk that the eyes could fall out with excessive wear. There’s a magnet that makes sure it doesn’t slip: another aspect of the thoughtful design.

The Electrum Whipserpent Snake Bracelet is not the type of accessory that you would use for any occasion. It’s very long and flashy, so it’s definitely for dressing up, and it’d be a great addition to your cosplay. It’s not identical to the one seen in the television series, but it’s inexpensive and well-made, so if you’re a fan of The Mortal Instruments, and especially if you’re a fan of Isabelle Lightwood, you won’t regret your purchase.

City of Bones Jace’s Stele Pen with UV Rune Reveal Review

Jace's Stele Pen

Here’s the perfect accessory for the fans of The Mortal Instruments: a pen that is a full-sized stele replica. With this awesome toy, you can draw & reveal hidden runes using UV light. This stele replica comes with a UV pen and light, a black pen nib, and a rune guide.

This cool pen is made of plastic but it’s well-constructed and looks authentic. Even though it’s just a little bigger than a normal pen, it’s also very lightweight, so it can be carried around just like a normal pen for everyday use. It’s perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or as a gift for a fan of the books and TV series.

The pen comes in a nice package, and it contains two types of ink. It arrives set up with the invisible ink, but it can be changed out for the black ink easily. The way the pen works is very simple. One half of the tip is ink and the other is illuminated with a bright blue UV light that reveals the secrets written with invisible ink.

The cost is not very high: for just a few dollars you get a product of very good quality. However, after sitting around for a while after manufacturing, there have been several cases in which the pen has arrived with dead batteries.

Jace’s Stele Pen is Not Just for Fans

Temporary Shadowhunters Rune Tattoos
Image Credit: https://amzn.to/2SRFORf

While fans of The Mortal Instruments will love this pen, it’s a fun toy for any young person, whether or not they know the series. In fact, this pen could spark their imagination and become a great introduction to this unique fictional world.

The Mortal Instruments is a book series that is part of the larger franchise The Shadowhunter Chronicles. In this saga, the Shadowhunters face two wars: the first against a Shadowhunter transformed by envy and power, and the second against their Shadowhunter brethren who have been corrupted.

Steles are the tools used by Shadowhunters to draw runes onto their skin, weapons, and other materials. These secret runes make themselves and their tools stronger to help them face their enemies.

If you don’t know this series, it’s time for you to discover this unique and expansive world. Once you’ve experienced it for yourself, go buy this unique pen for your collection. You’ll definitely be happy with your purchase. Try checking out some of the other items we review on this, such as this gold snake necklace, as well!

Can You Donate Blood If You Have a Tattoo?

Can You Donate Blood if You Have a Tattoo

Are you a person who wants to donate your blood after getting a rune tattoo on your body? In general, you are eligible to give blood to others, but there are specific requirements you should pay attention to. Blood donation can save lives, but it can lead to problems when it is not done with special care.

Since tattoo piercing uses inks and breaks the skin, there is a chance of getting an infection that can affect your blood supply. Your immune system may also be weakened by the process.

As a tattooed person, you should focus on following certain practices before donating your blood. This will prevent unwanted issues with the donation and give you peace of mind.

Can You Donate Blood with a Tattoo?

Yes, you can donate your blood with a tattoo when you meet certain requirements. The first thing is that you should visit a tattoo center that is regulated by the state authorities. If your tattoo center is not implementing certain regulations in their facilities, you’ll need to wait for 12 months before donating your blood.

Why Do Blood Banks Refuse Blood Donations from You After Tattooing?

There are many blood banks that may turn down your donation if you’ve just gotten a new tattoo within a week or month. This is because they fear the spread of hepatitis C and HIV from unsanitary needles.

You should always make sure that needles are not reused and are properly sterilized when you visit a tattoo parlor.

Where Can You Find a Blood Donation Center?

It is advisable to find a blood donation center in your location in order to learn more about the procedure in detail. The internet today plays an important role in helping you find a nearby facility that suits your needs.

Related Procedures That Can Restrict Your Blood Donation

A blood bank can restrict your blood donation based on tattoos, scars, permanent cosmetics, and other kinds of skin branding – especially if you had the procedures done in an unregulated environment.

Make sure that your artist utilizes sealed needles before performing the activity. If you want to know more about the requirements for blood donation, you should consult with a physician. In some cases, a bank will accept the donation only after tattoos heal.

Pick a Safe and Hygienic Tattoo Shop

Some states don’t regulate tattoo shops, and that can result in complications, Hence, it is important to find a safe and hygienic tattoo shop that delivers excellent services. Ask about the certification and training before approaching an artist. Moreover, you must pay attention to the setup of an artist’s shop to learn more procedures in detail, allowing you to make a better decision.

Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

Tattoos During Pregnancy

Are you a pregnant woman wanting to get a tattoo? If so, you should probably focus more on keeping yourself out of unsafe, risky situations and wait out the 9 months versus going headlong and getting a tattoo. However, if you’re wanting to weigh the costs, then keep reading and we’ll explore what could go wrong if you do get a tattoo while pregnant.

Is It Smart to Get a Tattoo During Your Pregnancy?

It’s important to consider certain risk factors while getting a tattoo during pregnancy. Some of these include:

  • Hepatitis B 
  • Dyes and inks
  • Used needles

Contracting Hepatitis B not only affects your overall health but can also affect your unborn child. The chances of getting blood infections like Hepatitis B are high if a tattoo artist follows unhygienic practices so be sure your tattoo artist is safe and hygienic.

Dyes and inks may also impact your developing baby and can result in complications. Because of this, it’s best to get as much information about these from the tattoo artist in order to ensure you’re safe.

It goes without saying that used needles can be a massive health risk as well, so make sure your tattoo artist uses new needles each time.

Safety Precautions All Tattoo Artists Must Abide By

You should always check that your tattoo artist follows all of these guidelines whether you’re pregnant or not, but especially if you are! This way, you decrease any risks of causing complications with your pregnancy.

  • Check to make sure they wear gloves when performing the procedure
  • Ensure they use an autoclave for equipment sterilization
  • Scan the area and see if they keep the floors and surfaces as clean as possible
  • See if their dyes, dressings, and inks are not opened running risk of contamination

Epidurals and Tattoos

Do you have a new tattoo on your back? If so, a physician will recommend placing the epidural in the area that has not been tattooed. If your tattoo covers your entire lower back and the skin around it is still healing, your doctor may resort to nicking your skin before they put the needle in you. This will help lower the chances of ink from your tattoo getting trapped deeper in your skin.

The Final Verdict: Can Pregnant Women Get Tattoos?

Tattooing during pregnancy is definitely risky business, so talk to your doctor before getting one done. Personally, we think it would make the most sense waiting out your pregnancy before getting a tattoo since you’ll dramatically decrease your risk of harming your pregnancy. Of course, the choice is yours – and if you decide to get a giant Norse tattoo on your back while you’re 17 weeks pregnant, we won’t judge you. However, you should definitely think this through for your kid’s sake!

13 Cool Viking Tattoos to Channel Your Inner Norse God

Viking and Nordic Tattoos

Some of the most sought after tattoos today are Viking tattoo designs that are mythically believed to hail from the ancient Norse mythology and culture. The Vikings, who are characterized as extremely rough, unruly and brave, have inspired very intricate and mysterious tattoo designs worn by my many people today. The groups of warriors who originated from Scandinavian soils like present-day Norway and Sweden are believed to have worn nordic tattoos with symbols and patterns drawn from Norse mythology and other ancient drawings present in their art, carvings, and jewelry.

Viking Tattoos Today

Today, centuries after the Viking Age, their mysteriously interesting culture thrives. With multiple Viking era based films and movies hitting our screens to thousands of people inking themselves with Viking tattoo designs each year. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular modern Viking tattoos and their inspiration in order to better understand the subject.

Here are 13 cool Viking tattoos from the web that are both badass and beautiful.

1. Aegishjalmur – The Helm of Awe

Aegishjalmur - The Helm of Awe tattooThis first tattoo throws us right in the middle of the Nordic symbol culture. Aegishjalmur pronounced as ”Eye-gish-hiowlm-er” translates to The Helm of Awe or Terror. Believed to be the most powerful symbol in Norse mythology, the symbol signifies protection. The Helm of Awe also known as the circle of protection is basically a round circle surrounded by eight equal runes that meet precisely at the center. The Vikings believed that wearing the Aegishjalmur would protect them from death while in battle and so they would paint it on their foreheads and arms before going to war. It is today worn for the same reason of protection as well as its symmetrical appearance.

2. Huginn and Muninn – Odin’s Twin Ravens

Huginn and Muninn - Odin's Twin Ravens tattooAlthough modern Viking tattoo designs of Odin’s twin ravens has diversified, the basic elements of the symbol are two ravens perched on twigs near a throne. Norse mythology believes that Odin used these ravens to gather information as they flew all over the earth. Huginn represented Odin’s thought while Muninn symbolizes his memory. The symbol is believed to have projected Odin’s consciousness and awareness. It’s a unique tattoo symbol that looks perfect on the chest or back.

3. Odin Wielding His Broad Sword

Odin Wielding His Broad Sword tattoo
This is only a modern-day fabrication and depiction of the mighty king ruler of the Vikings; Odin wielding a broad sword as if to pierce something beneath him. The one-eyed demi-god is the Viking’s ultimate representation of power and respect. The Odin ravens in the tattoo indicate that the king is in full consciousness as he brings down his wrath on whatever subject.

4. Grinning Viking Warrior Covered in Blood Stains

Grinning Viking Warrior Covered in Blood Stains tattoo
Also a modern fabrication, this upper arm tattoo design incorporates a Viking warriors face covered in enemy blood and battlefield dirt. The crooked smile on his face indicates plain bold bravery and the blood on his face represents victory and conquer.

5. Viking Donning a Horned Helmet

Viking Donning a Horned Helmet tattoo
This tattoo has Odin’s image in a very intense and intricate design with so much detail it probably tells of the entire Norse mythology. We can make out Odin’s fierce face and his eye patch under a horned helmet. Below his long beard is the mythical hammer of Thor. To his sides are his twin ravens as well as a Viking sword and an ax. Although no record or archeological discovery has proven that there was ever a horned Viking helmet, the tattoo design has quickly resonated with nordic tattoo lovers everywhere.

6. Vegvisir – The Viking Compass

Vegvisir - The Viking Compass tattoo
Almost similar to the Aegishjalmur and many Celtic tattoos we feature on our site, this symbol is also made of eight rune staves that meet at the middle almost resembling a modern day compass. Vegvisir is an Icelandic term meaning way finder. According to Norse mythology, the Vegvisir is a magical symbol that helped the bearer find his sailing path amidst bad weather and storms. Cool, right? The Nordic tattoo has today gained popularity as a symbol of protection and guidance and acts as a reminder to the bearer not to lose their focus and purpose in life.

7. Mjolnir – The Hammer of the God of War

Mjolnir - The Hammer of the God of War tattoo
The next symbol is a mythical supernatural weapon wielded by Odin’s son Thor. In Norse mythology, the Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer is a symbol of diligent protection strength and power. The Mjolnir is the extension of Thor’s power and command on lightning and thunder. People wearing this symbol are believed to receive the god’s protection, strength, and power.

8. Ragnar Lothbrok the Viking King

Ragnar Lothbrok the Viking King tattoo
This is yet another Viking tattoos design now showing Ragnar Lothbrok. He was a powerful and very victorious Swedish King who led multiple pirate sail raids on Francia and England. Ragnar was a ruthless voyager and pirate as indicated by the ship below him in the tattoo.

9. The Valknut – Odin’s Knot

The Valknut - Odin's Knot tattoo
This impressively designed symbol is as much a mystery as it is a beauty. Archaeologically discovered on many rune-stones and several burial site carvings the Valknut is an image of three interlocking triangles. Valknut, a Norse word meaning slain warriors knot is believed to have been used in religious burial practices. Since the tattoo is mostly associated with the idea of death it is therefore worn to symbolize and appreciate dead warriors or loved ones. It is also known as the knot of the slain warriors or Hrungnir’s heart.

10. Cloaked Norse God Wielding an Axe

Cloaked Norse God Wielding an Axe tattoo
The cloaked Norse god in this nordic tattoo is a representation of unswayed loyalty and determination, acknowledgment of death and healing.

11. Odin Fierce Face

Odin Fierce Face tattoo
One of the most common Viking tattoos is the fierce face of Odin in battle. His hollow white eyes illustrate his mental and battle savagery.

12. Travis Fimmel – Ragnar Lothbrok Character on Vikings

Travis Fimmel - Ragnar Lothbrok Character on Vikings tattoo
While this is technically not a Viking or nordic tattoo per se since it’s of the modern-day Australian actor Travis Fimmel, but we figured we’d include it anyway because the show Vikings is fantastic! Travis plays the famous Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok on the hit TV series on the History channel.

13. Viking Skulls and Valkyrie

Viking Skulls and Valkyrie tattoo
Lastly, in this post, we have a creative skull tattoo where the screaming skull is wearing a Viking horned helmet, with its eyes wide open. Then there is the Valkyrie which shows an enormous bear wearing a cut horned helmet breaking out of its chains. This tattoo designs are very gothic and elaborate the bearer’s acknowledgment of his/her mortality. People wearing these Viking tattoos reckon that they will someday pass on and should, therefore, live every day as free-spirited as possible. They represent power over fate.

Mortal Instruments Shadowhunter Rune Tattoos Review

Shadowhunter Rune Tattoos

Runic tattoos are no doubt some of the coolest-looking symbols out there in the tattoo market due to their gorgeous appearance as well as their deeper meaning. Runes are, first and foremost, ancient alphabets that predate our modern alphabet by centuries. When worn on the body, rune-based tattoos are meant to express deep-seated beliefs that transcend the ordinary world. So, getting a runic tattoo, even a temporary one for that matter, can entail a deeper meaning than just simply ink or adhesive on the skin.

Runes as Used in the Mortal Instruments Film Series

Alec from Shadowhunters
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/2VPc2hV

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments is a drama film series that’s based on Cassandra Clare’s book series The Mortal Instruments. Runes, as portrayed in the storyline, are marks
of Angel Raziel (which is a complex runic language) that grant Shadowhunters powers beyond Mundanes. According to the book, Mundanes are human beings that are neither Shadowhunters nor Downworlders.

The runes are either burnt onto the Shadowhunters’ skin using stele, which is also a weapon for fighting demons or applied to physical objects. Shadowhunters then use the powers granted to them to control and preside over demons and other supernatural creatures residing in the natural world. This goes to show how profound and meaningful Shadowhunter Rune Tattoos are and why you should get your own.

Rune Tattoos Mortal Instruments Temporary Tattoos Set

Rune Temporary Tattoos

If you want to have the same aesthetic appeal that tattoos have but without the permanence then a temporary tattoo set might be what you’re looking for! There are literally thousands of runic marks that are portrayed in the Shadowhunters film but in this City of Bones Tattoos Set only 8 are available. With this temporary tattoo set, you can also apply the powerful runic symbols on your skin and feel just like a real Shadowhunter.

Within the assortment, you’ll find runes representing Angelic Power, Courage in Combat, Fortitude, and Strength. Others include Combine/Friendship, Heal Painless, and Deflect/Block.

How to Apply the Mortal Instruments Tattoos

Shadowhunters Rune Tattoos
Image Credit: http://bit.ly/2QGKGXu

First of all, it’s recommended you disinfect then dry area on which you want to place your temporary tattoo. It may be wise to shave the area as well if you’re pretty hairy, but we’ll leave that decision up to you (no pictures, please!). Once you’re done preparing your skin, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Peel away the protective plastic layer to uncover the adhesive while making sure it does not come into contact with any dirt or debris.
  • Place the adhesive side on the target part of your body and using a sponge or wet cloth, apply even pressure on the tattoo’s paper backing.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes or so and then slide off the paper gently

Tips To Consider When Applying

There’s the right way to apply a temporary tattoo and a wrong way. Here are some simple tips on how to apply your temporary tattoo correctly:

  • Always wash the target area with an alcohol-based wipe before applying the tattoo.
  • Consider placing the tattoo on a hair-free skin area with little or no crease or stretch.
  • For a longer lasting tattoo, consider placing on an area that doesn’t rub against straps, clothing or even joints.
  • Don’t apply if your skin is sensitive or allergic to adhesives.

How to Remove the Temporary Rune Tattoo

The City of Bones 8 Transfer Tattoos are waterproof hence they can last several for several days if not weeks. Even when exposed to a hot shower and/or soap, they’ll still remain undamaged.

Removing the tattoo, though, isn’t a daunting task. All you need is a cotton ball, rubbing alcohol cleanser, baby oil and/or hand sanitizer. Here are the steps to follow to remove your tattoo safely and effectively:

  • Saturate the cotton ball with alcohol cleanser, hand sanitizer or baby oil and leave for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • After that, start to rub on the tattoo gently using the cotton ball. It should start coming off right away.
  • Rinse the skin area clean using water and/or soap.

Get Your Shadowhunters Rune Tattoo Set Today!

Temporary Shadowhunters Rune Tattoos
Image Credit: https://amzn.to/2SRFORf

If you’re a fan of The Mortal Instruments series like we are, we recommend you check out this fantastic shadowhunters rune tattoo set on Amazon. They are incredibly cheap and allow you to look just like the characters from the series!

Tattoo Aftercare

7 Best Lotions for Tattoo Aftercare

Body art is becoming more and more popular by the day. According to a survey done by the Pew Research Center, 38% of young people...