How Long Do Stick and Poke Tattoos Last?

Stick n Poke tattoos

Although the affordability of a stick and poke tattoo places it as a viable choice among college tattoo fanatics, the comparatively short lifespan of such tattoos has always been disappointing. They fade more quickly than standard permanent tattoos, so you may find yourself disappointed with the results after a while. However, a number of precautionary …

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Tiwaz Rune Tattoo Origin

tiwaz rune

The Tiwaz rune is also referred to as a T-rune and is recognizable as an upright vertical arrow. These runes are shaped in various forms, with different markings, inscriptions, and patterns, but almost all of them will always resemble that upright arrow. One of the Tiwaz runes is known as a multiple Tiwaz rune and …

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Germanic Rune Tattoos Origin

Germanic Rune Tattoos Origin

Germanic rune tattoos symbolize ancient historical values. In the first and second centuries AD, these runes were embossed on the human body using pigments such as arsenic, beryllium, and lithium. These characters date back to thousands of years and each unique symbol carries an ancient heritage and charm. These runes were common linguistic symbols among …

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