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Viking and Nordic Tattoos

13 Cool Viking Tattoos to Channel Your Inner Norse God

Some of the most sought after tattoos today are Viking tattoo designs that are mythically believed to hail from the ancient Norse mythology and culture. The Vikings, who are characterized as extremely rough, unruly...
Shadowhunter Rune Tattoos

Mortal Instruments Shadowhunter Rune Tattoos Review

Runic tattoos are no doubt some of the coolest-looking symbols out there in the tattoo market due to their gorgeous appearance as well as their deeper meaning. Runes are, first and foremost, ancient alphabets...

Product Reviews

Angelic Power Necklace

Isabelle Lightwood’s Necklace Replica Review

Everyone who follows The Mortal Instruments knows that Isabelle Lightwood's necklace is one of the most important accessories of the series. Every fan who collects jewelry inspired by this series must have this fundamental...
Gold Snake Necklace

Flexible Bendable Gold Snake Necklace Review

When we prepare an outfit, a common rule is to choose something to be the star garment, the one that stands out, that catches the attention of all. Then we'll select everything else with...

Tattoo Talk

Can You Donate Blood if You Have a Tattoo

Can You Donate Blood If You Have a Tattoo?

Are you a person who wants to donate your blood after getting a rune tattoo on your body? In general, you are eligible to give blood to others, but there are specific requirements you...
Tattoos During Pregnancy

Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

Are you a pregnant woman wanting to get a tattoo? If so, you should probably focus more on keeping yourself out of unsafe, risky situations and wait out the 9 months versus going headlong...