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Rune Scripts


Futhark Scripts
The ancient rune users frequently marked the full Fuşark or rune row on stones and treasured possessions as a kind of protection, or to invoke some magic work. Very small objects where there isn't enough room for all the runes often carry the first six runes spelling the work "Fuşark" as a kind of shorthand.

This recently-discovered 8th Century brooch marked with Anglo-Saxon (Northumbrian) runes (left) is a  fine example.

Either of these formats make an attractive addition to any tattoo, especially those that have some purpose besides decoration.

Runic Triads
Many of the most powerful magical words in runelore are represented by three runes. These may be represented in a bindrune, or for perfect clarity in a three-character rune row.

Two popular examples are Berkanan-Ansuz-Raido (BAR) meaning the power and strength of the bear, or Jera-Fehu-Wunjo (JFW) representing a productive and happy life, pictured here (left) as an Anglo-Saxon bindrune.

There are dozens of these runic triads in existence, and they can quite legitimately be created to satisfy particular needs or desires. There are plenty more examples of scripts, triads and power words in the Members Area.

Rune Script formulae look similar to fuşark scripts. They are simply a row of runes where the position of each rune and the sequence in which they appear are both designed to have a beneficial effect.

The ancients often used formulae, especially for protection of precious objects, but there is no reason why they cannot be used in tattoos.

The runes are placed where their "ond" will achieve the desired effect. The construction of a rune formulae is complex and fraught with difficulty. Frankly, it is not a job for the layman.

This stone monument or grave-marker (left) from Goerlev, Denmark, is inscribed with a formula to prevent its defacement or removal. I guess the formula worked, since the stone seems to have survived intact despite the passage of hundreds of years.

The Members Area lists a selection of rune scripts and provides a page of runic power words that includes many triads. Each entry gives a graphic rendering in runes and a summary of the script's purpose. The Runescripts page of the members area carries a fuller discussion of rune scripts, their purpose and composition.


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