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Runic Power Words

 Runic power words are compiled from their constituent runes. Each rune contributes its own characteristics to the word which thus gains a magical significance representing the overall import of the components. Certain rune words are important and they are known as the "Names of Power".

The words are of old Norse or Anglo-Saxon origin, the languages spoken and written by ancient rune users. Using the Names of Power in an empowered tattoo will access the magic symbolised by that name, as well as the characteristics of the component runes.

The names of the major deities of the Northern Tradition may also be used as runic power words. Each god or goddess represents a specific range of magical powers that may be invoked in an empowered rune script or bindrune tattoo.

The Symbolic Words page in the Members Area of the website offers a glossary of all the major Names of Power with their runic equivalents and notes on their magical significance. There is also a listing of all the important gods and goddesses of runelore with their runic equivalents. The page concludes with a list of common English words popular in tattooing.

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