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Table of Rune Meanings





Literal Equivalent


Fehu F Cattle Money, wealth
Uruz U Wild Ox Strength, virility


Giant Monster, demon, devil, chaos


Messenger, Angel Communication, source, Odin


Riding, Carriage Journey, travel, transport, arrival.


Wound. Torch Transition, healing, light


Gift Gift, windfall, surprise, kiss, luck
Wunjo W Joy Joy, happiness, romance

Hagalaz H Hail Disruption, adversity

Naudiz N Need Necessity, extremity

Isa I (short) Ice Stagnation, cold, bridge
Jera J Year the harvest, a cycle

Ihwaz Y,
I (long)
Yew Tree Bow or weapon, defence
Perth P Uncertain (Magic? Chance? Gambling?) Gamble, chance, science, technology
Algiz Z (Rr) Uncertain (Pine woods? Sedge Grass?) Protection, shelter
Sowilo S Sun All life, wholeness. energy
Tiwaz T The God Tiw a warrior, courage, justice
Berkanan B Birch Twig Fertility, growth
Ehwaz E Horse Speed, progression
Mannaz M Man The self, humanity
Laguz L Water Sea, flow, direction
Ingwaz Ng Angel, The god Ing Harmony, unity, peace
Othila O Hereditary Land Birthright, possessions, hereditary land or property
Dagaz D, Dj Day Breakthrough, a new dawn
-- Blank Rune - Not a real rune, but used for Odin by some Not a real rune, but used for destiny. beginning, or end

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