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Empowerment of Runic Tattoos

It is possible to carry out the rite of empowerment after the actual tattooing. This will mean tracing the designs with a wet finger as a "symbolic birth" and that could be a bit painful until the tattoo work has healed.

A certain amount of equipment is required to carry out the rite, such as pure water, sea salt, a candle, natural fibre cloth, incense and a few other common items.

You will need to create a special place called a "Vé" by performing rites of separation, purification and consecration. The rites can be as simple or complex as you like, there is no dogma attached. Just so long as you address those three prime issues.

There is a best time in the lunar cycle for the rites and also for the empowerment of the runic tattoo.
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There is a suggested format for the empowerment ritual in the Members Area of the website. The article is shorter and has fewer illustrations than the e-book mentioned above, but includes:

An article on the creation of a Vé for rune work with detailed instructions.

The full ritual with a couple of illustrations and including all incantations for the empowerment of a runic tattoo.

Some useful pointers on devising your own personal ritual elements and incantations.

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