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Runic Design Services

The design services are presently unavailable due to a waiting list of 4 to 6 months. I will be rationalizing the design services available and revising this page when the back-orders have been cleared. In the meantime you can order two of the most popular design services from the main website: 

Basic personal bindrune monograms from your initials - US$14.45

Runic transcriptions of words, names and phrases - from US$4.95

Professional tattoo artists know all about designing tattoos, colors, scale, symmetry, and so on. They usually have a catalog of motifs, borders, knotwork, etc., suitable for use with runic designs.

But not many know about the runes, the different Futharks, the correct way to compile rune scripts and rune rows, or the rules of bindrune construction.

So the purpose of these services is to provide you and your tattoo artist with the correct form for the runic content of your tattoo.

You can order a personal bindrune design on the main Runemaker website from this page:

Or you can have a word, name, message or inscription transcribed into runes from this page:

More complex design work can be ordered through my general consultancy service. The conditions and tariff of rates is given on the consultancy page of the Runemaker corporate website. I should warn you up front the service is aimed at commercial companies, public sector and academic organisations, so it ain't cheap! But hey, expert professional advice rarely is  . . .

If you're not sure which service you want click here to email me with some details of your project and you can be sure of a prompt reply.

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