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Personal Bindrunes

Bindrune Construction
I design a lot of bindrunes for people based on their initials. I find the rune equivalents for the letters and arrange them in the most attractive way I can. Sometimes the rune symbols are mirror-imaged for symmetry, and sometimes I combine two or more runes on a single stave (i.e. the perpendicular stroke). 

There are many examples of ancient bindrunes designed in just this way, so it is perfectly in keeping with rune tradition. In fact the ancients were fairly arbitrary about writing runes left-to-right, right-to-left, images mirrored, and sometimes even whole sentences appeared upside down. But I do not as a rule reverse runes (i.e. draw them upside-down) because it is generally accepted that this also reverses the rune's meaning.

This bindrune (left) was recently compiled in Elder Futhark runes for a customer with the initials AIMC. The chart (right) highlights the four com-ponent runes in different colors so you can see how the bindrune was constructed.

It would have been easy to use one of the staves of Ansuz or Mannaz to represent Isa, but instead I chose to include Isa with it's own stave in the center of the design, so it would be easily identifiable and retain it's individuality.

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