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Practical Bindrunes

A practical bindrune may combine two or more runes to form a single design representing the runic powers of the included runes. The purpose of the bindrune is to enable a controlled release of those runic energies for the benefit of the user.

The bind (left) combines Sowilo for energy and activity with Raido for rapid change. When empowered correctly this will encourage quick results for any endeavour.

Bindrunes should only be used to help people, not to harm them. Any attempt to place a curse, prevent a person doing something they are perfectly entitled to do, or to make something nasty happen to them will inevitably backfire on the user unless very careful precautions are taken. Don' try it, it isn't worth it, believe me. 

Although a bindrune is a blending of runic characters, each rune included in the design has to retain its own individuality, it has to be visible as an entity within the whole. I find it is best to limit the design to no more than five runes so that it can still be symmetrical, balanced and pleasing to the eye.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. Some very ancient and highly effective bindrunes incorporate 6, 7 or even 8 different runes. But generally speaking, the simpler the design, then the more effective the bindrune will be.

Practical bindrunes are devised for specific purposes. This bind (right) is a very ancient but still popular combination of Gebo the Gift Rune with Fehu the Wealth rune. It has the name "Gibu Auja" meaning "Bringer of Good Fortune".

Bindrunes can generate mental activity such as memory, logic, emotion, enlightenment, strength of will, courage, fairness, clarity of thought. They can aid physical actions too, such as health, strength, speed, endurance, and all the 5 senses. They can produce a runic field of energy to protect your person, your home or possessions, your job or your business good-will, and they can enhance relationships by encouraging harmony, partnership, love or sexual attraction.

You can easily have a practical bindrune tattooed on your person, drawn on a piece of paper, wood, stone or anything and carry it with you hoping that it will have some effect. But the unempowered bindrune will be so weak that you would probably not notice any difference. For a bindrune to work effectively it must be empowered (some runemasters refer to this process as consecration) in the correct way.

This bind (left) is a combination of 4 runes - Mannaz, Perth, Gebo and Naudiz - and will enhance the dynamic power of the user when empowerment has been enacted.


The exact details of how to empower a bindrune are described in the members area of the website.

Sign up to gain access to the empowerment ritual, There are also 4 pages of practical bindrunes containing over 40 pictures, and 11 Personal Bindrune Gallery pages in the members area.


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